Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who says?

This is a parody of Who says- Selena Gomez, pls watch it ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO, Coming soon...

Kimmiecakes' new music video will soon be uploaded tomorrow due to some imperfection of the video. Please have patience and the problems will be resolve as quickly as possible. Thanks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Titanic Hotel

This video is made by my pico sis/BFFFF ♥Andicaκεs♥.

              The whole creation of titanic hotel was a complete success. I'm making some minor alterations sometimes but the hotel is doing great. I thank all the staffs and guests for participating with all my events. I also appreciate my officers/family members for being a great team. Keep up the good work everyone. 
I congratulate all the new members and officers for "The Cakes Family."


Friday, April 15, 2011

☜♡☞ριηαѕ ραLαcισ☜♡☞

Thou art be graceful for thy dreams hath come true.
☜♡☞ριηαѕ  ραLαcισ☜♡☞
is the new version of☜♡☞ριηαѕ  ραяαιѕσ☜♡☞

 ♥Kimmiεcaκεs♥ invites everyone to a whole exciting fantasy world that has magnificent aura around the air.
Just make one trip and you'll realize that your choice was worth staying there.

The palace is not only for lovers but also for kids who
wants to experience royalty.
Almost every girls wants to be a princess ;)

The picture above is the hotel information kiosk.
If you need anything just ask my co-owner  ♥Andicaκεs♥ and manager ♥Bubbycaκεs♥.

Photo on the right is the Royal Pool Slide.
To slide:
1.Type /sit(but don't press enter yet).
2. Ready your cursor on top of one of the blue tiles.
3. Press Enter and click on blue tile at same time.
It takes a few tries to get it.
4.Enjoy sliding.


  LEFT bed w/ blue bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp

RIGHT bed w/ white bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp (close to bathroom)

LEFT w/ blue bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp
(close to stairs)

RIGHT w/ blue bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp

LEFT w/ green bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp

RIGHT w/ green bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand,dinner cart&lamp

 LEFT w/ green green, chandelier,tv, nightstand, diner cart &lamp
RIGHT w/ futton bed, chandelier,tv, nightstand&lamp

Also don't forget to visit our Special Bar & Grill.
We serve Philippine food for you.

Who would also forget about this relaxing ;over's spa? So tranquil and solemn place to relax.

I'm looking forward to see you all my friends.
I love you always.
~ ♥Kimmiεcaκεs♥

Friday, April 8, 2011

Youtube Mania


My awesome friend נαηєÐσє♡✿cнαяα made this video. 
Check it out ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1st Cruise Ship! 2nd Room

It's almost summer! Kimmicakes productions brought you to an exciting ride.
Although this place is still under construction, her room is still open to her benevolent guests.
She built this "ship", so people could relax anytime and enjoy their stay here.
The cruise ship is consist of a dock, ticket booth, captains deck, dating room, 4  suite rooms, & 4 bathrooms.
There will be some future recreational rooms that will be added soon.

 The photo above illustrates the 1st Cruise Ship in pico.
Everyone must come! 
Loo kin' forward to see you there ;)

 The Grand Opening for the cruise ship was a heck of a party. 
Everyone came there to have fun! They role-played the Titanic, some were dating, and just joke around.
I love meeting new people everywhere..The best thing I received in my parties were the smiles and laughter  people shared. Making creative things draws friends closer to you.
Kimmiecakes suggests that originality is the best way to success.
Just let your mind play with your imagination and you'll find what's best.